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ProFont for Windows, for Mac, for Linux

ProFont for Windows, Mac, Linux

ProFont is a small bitmap font which is absolutely great for programming.
It was made for Macintosh computers, but now it's also available for Windows and Linux/UNIX X Windows.
For comments, questions and troubleshooting there is a ProFont/Sheldon forum now.


If you've never read my Desperately Seeking ProFont file, you should do that before you go on: Click here to read.

Did you read it now?
Or do you already know my ProFont problem from prior visits on this page?
Okay, I'll add a short summary anyway: I was looking for a monospaced font that is readable in very small sizes. In my opinion, bitmap fonts work better at this job than outlined fonts (such as TrueType or Type1).
On my Macintosh at home, I have such a great bitmap font called ProFont that I'm usually using at 9pt. But there was no Windows version, so when I was sitting in office I really missed it.

Thanks to all the people who have been trying to help me in one way or another! I really appreciate that.

But special thanks go to Sheldon Simms, who send me his own small sized bitmap font; Martin Hess, who helped me to convert the bitmap version of ProFont to the Windows ».fon« file format and Zhichao Hong who converted ProFont to X Windows pcf.

Have a look at these great small fonts:

ProFont 9t

This is a sample screenshot of ProFont @ 9pt.
It's great, isn't it?
This is what I'm working with, now available for Mac and Windows.
Did you ever see a font which is as readable as this one?
At such a small size?

SheldonNarrow 12t

This is Sheldon Simms own font, and it's absolutely great, too.
If you like ProFont, you'll like this, too. And if you don't like ProFont, you'll maybe be satisfied with this one.
Sheldon made the windows version that I converted to Macintosh bitmap font file format. The Windows file has some versions that are not in contained in the Mac file.

And if you still wonder what I'm talking about, you're probably no programmer or you don't like small fonts at all ...


Any Atarians out there?

ProFontJB 8pt

I found no way to convert Macintosh or Windows bitmap fonts to the Atari .fnt font file format (and yes, there are still Atarians working with much better software than you'll probably guess), but I found a font called ProFontJB, made by Jens Brüggemann, which comes close.
Very close.
So when I'm working with Atari editors, I'm using ProFontJB. Now I've got fine small monospaced programming fonts for Mac, Win and Atari. Am I lucky or what? :-)
If you prefer TrueType fonts, go to the Windows font download section below. But note that the TrueType version is not as readable in small sizes as ProFontJB is.


Download files

Windows fonts

Here are ProFont and Sheldon as Windows .fon files:

Sheldon for Windows,
.fon format, ZIP archive, 5.7 KBytes.
(This archive contains two versions of Sheldon.)

ProFont for Windows,
.fon format, ZIP archive, 22 KBytes.
(This archive contains a single version of ProFont at different sizes.)

Here's something for those who prefer TrueType fonts: From all those TTF files that nice people send me, I quite randomly picked Mike Smith's version.

ProFont for Windows TrueType,
.ttf format, ZIP archive, 25 KBytes.
(This archive contains the Windows TTF file.)

ProFont for Windows TrueType »tweaked«,
.ttf format, ZIP archive, 48 KBytes.
New version! (see below)
(This archive contains the Windows TTF file.)

Macintosh fonts

Here are ProFont and Sheldon as Macintosh bitmap font files:

Sheldon for Mac,
StuffIt archive, 5.5 KBytes.
(This archive contains a single version of Sheldon.)

ProFont Distribution 2.2,
StuffIt archive, 344 KBytes.
(This archive contains various versions & some goodies.)

ProFont Mac bitmap incl. €,
StuffIt archive, 56 KBytes.
(This archive contains the Mac bitmap version from v2.2 with Euro Character.)

fonts for linux unix x-windows

ProFont (bitmap font) for Linux/UNIX:

ProFont for Linux/UNIX,
tar.gz archive, 32.5 KBytes.
New version! (see below)
(This package contains the ProFontWindows pcf fonts for Linux/UNIX X Windows.)

ProFont for Linux/UNIX, old version
ZIP archive, 24 KBytes.
(This package contains the ProFontWindows pcf fonts for Linux/UNIX X Windows.)

Atari font

Here's ProFontJB as Atari bitmap font file:

ProFontJB for Atari,
ZIP archive, 2.7 KBytes.
(This archive contains a single version of ProFontJB in two sizes, GEM .fnt format.)


Update July 20 2004
There's a new ProFont version for UNIX which works with XFT apps (whatever that may be...). Originally presented by »gredman« at the ProFont forum.
And there's a »tweaked« version for Windows (TrueType) which includes various modifications; e.g. a Euro character, missing characters from the Latin 1 code page, block/box characters you know from DOS. Originally presented by »ardu« at the ProFont forum.
And there's a new Mac bitmap version which includes a Euro characters which is quite ugly at some sizes, originally presented here & by me... ;-)
Update Nov 6 2002
Zhichao Hong converted ProFont to Linux/UNIX X Windows pcf font file format.
Thanx a lot!
Moreover, there's a forum available were you can post comments, questions and (most important) bug reports regarding ProFont and Sheldon.
Update Oct 23 2002
There are new versions of ProFont for Windows (both .tff and .fon format):
The first versions couldn't be used in some text editors (such as VIM or MultiEdit) because they weren't recognized as monospaced fonts.
Zhichao Hong and Mark Anderson fixed that problem, lotsa thanks for that; and thanks to Uwe Sieber for helpful information!
Update Sep 17 2002
I added a few characters to Sheldon for Mac that were missing before:
New character in Sheldon Mac
I hope I didn't screw up anything, so the original version is still contained in the archive. There are still some more characters missing, but since I don't need'em I skipped'em. Get yourself a copy of ResEdit if you like to add some changes... ;-)
Update Sep 15 2002
Wow! Obviously I wasn't the only one who has been searching a good looking small sized, monospaced bitmap font for windows.
Within a few weeks, ProFont and Sheldon for Windows have been downloaded more often than any other file from my website. Well, maybe it's just because this page is in english while the rest of the site is in german language, but I like to think that's because all people like those fonts as much as I do.
Because some of you demanded it, I added ProFont TrueType. It won't look as great as the bitmap versions, but maybe you'll like it anyway.
Furthermore, I moved the download files to another server. If you experience any problems, go to
[link removed] and try again.


What's left to say?

  • Thanks again to all the people who have been sending me fonts or otherwise tried to help me.
  • In the old document, I mentioned that bitmap fonts don't work with MacOS X. Other people claimed otherwise. I don't know since I'm still stuck with MacOS 9.
  • Please excuse my poor english.

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